Common Ground

Beer has been a source of refreshment and nourishment since ancient times and has inspired countless artists and great thinkers. It has fuelled rebellions and shaped British culture. Through times of peace and war; sorrow and joy; division and unity; our beer has always brought us together and reminded us that there is more that […]


Welcome to the ReinheitsKaput Series! PK beers are always about quality but never about following the rules so we are taking some classic German styles and going at them with no holds barred, just a dream of beery perfection! The Reinheitsgabot is the German purity law that states beer should only be made with barley, […]

Green Light – Leading the way in Low ABV

Wow. So you may have heard (we have probably already told you, in the first five minutes and more than once) that Powderkeg has just won the World Beer Award for the UK’s ‘Best Low-Alcohol Pale Ale’ But, if you’d asked me six months ago about low ABV beers, I probably would have just shrugged […]

PK Beer is now Vegan and Gluten Free

Here at Powderkeg we try to make all our beers as accesible as possible so we’re happy to announce all of our beers are now Vegan (or vegetarian in some cases) and gluten free. We have developed techniques to allow us to do this without affecting the fantastic flavour that we are renowned for. This […]

Yes, We Can!

Powderkeg beer is now available in 330ml cans! Speak Easy, Cut Loose and Green Light will be available in the new format which keeps hop flavours brighter, is quicker to chill down, easier to store and is more easily recyclable. These will be available to order through the website in the near future but in […]

Back once again with the renegade master…

The autumnal crowd-pleaser that is 6ixes & 7evens is back in keg and cask. Rich malt, citrus and spice combine in a mixed-up, maxed-out amber. Dazed and infused with a precise muddle of 6 grains and 7 west coast hops, to leave you feeling deliciously topsy-turvy. As the nights draw in, the leaves fall from […]

Say hello to PK IPA

Everyone loves an American IPA – it’s the poster child of the craft beer movement for good reason. But IPAs have now been so craftified (see dipas, wipas, bipas, neipas  etc etc, ad nauseum), we thought it time to remind all you lucky folks what a good, honest American IPA is, why it is the […]

Loaf & Caper

In the small gaps that punctuate our manic brewing schedule we have been beavering away to create a space at PK HQ where we can sit, chill and enjoy beer with everyone. Loaf & Caper (named after two of our favourite activities) will be an intimate mezzanine space at the brewery where you will be […]

Beer has changed for the better and for good!

The South West has become a hotbed of brewing talent over recent years. From Bristol through Devon and down into the depths of Cornwall, you can now find world-class, locally brewed, contemporary beer almost anywhere.  This explosion in modern local brewing is the best thing that could have happened to us as a nation of beer lovers. We are no longer limited to boring bitters and […]

Powderkeg & Surfers Against Sewage to release charity beer

Plastic pollution has been a hot topic recently and is one of the biggest environmental problems the planet is facing. Powderkeg Brewery is joining forces with Surfers Against Sewage to raise money to tackle plastic pollution, and increase awareness of the problem. A new beer, aptly named ‘Brainwave’, will see 10p in every pint sold go straight to Surfers Against Sewage […]