Brewer owned and run since beginning in 2014 and already award-winning on the local, national and international stages, Powderkeg is revolutionising beer in Devon. Having spent years honing our craft at respected West Country breweries, we developed a clear vision of what we wanted to brew ... forward thinking beer in an easy-drinking Devon style.

We take our influences from US craft and classic European brewing and add our own unique twist to make modern English beers of the highest quality, beers that satisfy both craft enthusiasts and more traditional drinkers. 
Today, our ‘Modern English’ style - full flavoured, perfectly balanced and effortlessly drinkable - proves ever popular with drinkers from all walks of life, across the South-West and beyond.

We take inspiration from around the world to expertly craft brews for the modern drinker

The depth of flavour in our beer makes it the perfect compliment to high quality food offerings

All of our beers are designed to be drunk and enjoyed by everyone. Excellent 'sessionability' is a essential in a PK brew

Powderkeg is an increasingly popular choice for pubs and bars looking to offer a better quality and more diverse range of beers in keg, cask and bottle. Our beers are available to order direct from the brewery or via one of our wholesale partners (Tolchards || Nectar Imports || St Austell || LWC) depending on your location. You can also get our keg beers through Eebria Trade across the UK. 

We provide full support for all of our accounts including staff training, glassware, POS and technical services. Get in touch today for more information about stocking our beers or to arrange a tasting session. Just email or give us a call on 01395 488 181.