Back once again with the renegade master…

The autumnal crowd-pleaser that is 6ixes & 7evens is back in keg and cask. Rich malt, citrus and spice combine in a mixed-up, maxed-out amber. Dazed and infused with a precise muddle of 6 grains and 7 west coast hops, to leave you feeling deliciously topsy-turvy. As the nights draw in, the leaves fall from the trees and memories of sunny pints of California Soul drift into the long sunsets, 6ixes & 7evens signals it is time to light the fire and get a stew on as we hunker down for winter with a pint of this PK favourite.

Malts: Pale, Château Special B, Cara, Wheat, Rye, Chocolate
Hops: Centennial, Mosaic, Ahtanum, Azacca, Cascade, Chinook, Galena

OG: 1049.0
IBUs: 41

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