PK Beer is now Vegan and Gluten Free

Here at Powderkeg we try to make all our beers as accesible as possible so we’re happy to announce all of our beers are now Vegan (or vegetarian in some cases) and gluten free. We have developed techniques to allow us to do this without affecting the fantastic flavour that we are renowned for. This includes our beers in keg, cask, cans and bottles so no matter what the occasion you can have a Powderkeg beer that everyone can enjoy! Cheers!

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  1. How can it be gluten free? Checking ingredients contains barley, oats, wheat, rye all which a coeliac cannot have

    • Hi Patrick,

      Excellent question. The various beers do indeed contain barley, wheat & rye (which all contain gluten in their raw form, oats don’t but that’s a whole different kettle of fish) but in the brewing process the beer is ‘deglutenised’ (I’m not totally sure that’s a proper word but it does the job so I’m going to roll with it!).

      “Deglutenisation” essentially involves breaking the gluten protein chain using hydrolyzation during the brewing process. To do this, we introduce an enzyme that cuts the gluten protein in two. The gluten protein is therefore, no longer a gluten protein and those with Ceoliac (or allergies and/or intolerances) can enjoy the beer now.

      All the beer were rigorously lab tested over several months before we were comfortable calling the beer gluten free and they continue to be tested so we can ensure the process is bullet proof. Rest assured that no one takes the health and happiness of our drinkers more seriously than us. I have also enjoyed seeing the GF credentials first hand with a good friend of mine who is a coeliac (cheers Mark!) who was stoked that he could have a good pint again and has had absolutely no problems … apart from a hangover.

      I hope that answers your question but if you have any more reservations feel free to get back in touch.

      Dan @ PK

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