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Everyone loves an American IPA – it’s the poster child of the craft beer movement for good reason. But IPAs have now been so craftified (see dipas, wipas, bipas, neipas  etc etc, ad nauseum), we thought it time to remind all you lucky folks what a good, honest American IPA is, why it is the beer that launched a revolution, and why, sometimes, while technically it’s a style that is defined by having more of everything, it’s important to remember that even when more is more, sometimes less is even more more at the same time.

We introduce to you the PKIPA, a refined un-fined IPA. Weighing-in at a modest 6% ABV, a touch of warming alcohol sits alongside a robust bitterness and a simple three-malt base. A six-stage hopping process makes the hops roar – Amarillo, Citra, Cascade and Simcoe  provide a complex resin, fruit and spice flavour that leaves you in no doubt that you’re drinking a true American classic, all made with the PK quality and quaffability we all know and love.

We’ve done this as a super limited edition with only 50 kegs and a dozen casks available. The majority will be going out to pubs and bars in and around Exeter with a few set to go further a field. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled this October if you want to get a taste of this exceptional brew.

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  1. Just had a few pints of powder keg , great tasting IPA the hops really come through the before & after taste,,
    The other thing is the design on the glass looks fantastic,, I’m told by the landlady the glasses disappear as quick as the beer lol ??
    If possible would you allow me to have a tattoo of the same design as on your glasses??????
    I would be willing to pay for a stencil of the design,, if not I can only say I’ve tried:
    Thanks for brewing a fantastic brew

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